Free payment gateways for e-commerce websites

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Check out our list of Free payment gateways for e-commerce websites. The online payment gateway is one of the most critical aspects of an eCommerce website.

The key feature of the evolution of eCommerce is capable of not falling into fraud practices but looking at the current scenario makes payment via the internet approximately impossible to separate. Due to this, it makes it so important to pay with different payment gateways but then the question arises of which option is best and trustable. Then this review will help to take a better decision.

Currently, the market has lots of payment gateway providers that take guarantee that their gateway is more reliable and you can merge it with your site with a low commission per transaction or they will charge on monthly basis.

In the beginning, different providers of these types of services make their gateways with different interfaces with limited modes of transactions which may sometimes bother the user who plans to buy it. Then this problem could be solved only with the middleman who will provide the best reliable, atomic transaction of eCommerce between e-commerce business holders and customers.

So, here are some top 10 Free payment gateways for e-commerce websites providers:-
  • Amazon pay
  • Secure pay
  • Merchant e-solutions
  • 2Checkout
  • First Data
  • Square
  • WePay
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

Explanation in detail:-

1. Amazon pay

Amazon pay

With free plugins, it is available in US, UK & Germany only and if the user is in these states then this may be the nicest choice for the small & medium enterprises who seek options of payment gateway. And further Alexa tech provides a recommendation to amazon customer care for improving the services. And with amazon’s, great image in the market make it a more trustable company to the user. It also provides an onsite checkout option & has a simple API which again makes the customer experience better.

Pricing: The transaction fees in a domestic market is 2.9% and 30 cents for authorization and 3.9% for international transaction.

2. Secure pay

Secure pay

The reason why it is best for eCommerce payment gateway as the evaluation of this gateway relies on many factors and the popularity among the market is much wide as you can understand with the figure that approximately 60% of worldwide users use this out of 100%. The evaluation of a payment gateway that will provide you with a greater benefit by using it can be categorized in many ways. These are-

  • Sign-up process and details are provided for enhancing guidance.
  • Service charges, setup fees, gateway fees, monthly fees, and many more.
  • Approach to no. of countries.
  • Adaptability with other options.
  • the yardstick for fraud protection.
  • No. of currencies available for transactions.

The charges they want with every transaction are much more feasible with heavy transactions and normal charges are categorized every month & charges per transaction. It also provides a free plan on a demo basis and alongside a plan for online payment.

Pricing: The pricing is different which are divided into three parts-

  • Small – $800 (0.27 per transaction)
  • Medium – $1,400 (0.23 per transaction)
  • Large – $2,200 (0.22 per transaction)

3. Merchant e-solutions(Mes)

Merchant e-solutions(Mes)

With no charging any currency conversion fees, they also encourage fixed payment within a limited specified time with end-to-end data visibility. When they provide online, mobile, and in-person solutions to their users then they also check readers, PIN cards & printers. They also claim that they provide point-of-sale options while doing offline transactions. So, by looking at these types of features it could not be wrong that they provide easily integrated solutions while procuring cardholder information with security and PCI compliance.


4. 2Checkout


This platform comes under those payment gateways which provide no monthly or establishment fees. And it charges 2-5% extra amount than its competitors and due to this reason, its popularity is not so much but with all of these reasons it still opted because of easy integration facilities. This gateway provides transactions in over 200 countries with more than 80+ country currencies. It is also known as 2CO. The interface is also known as a feature full with easy to use.


5. First Data

First Data

They come under the list of top credit card companies as they accept payment with all major credit cards. It is also known to come under the costliest gateway for payments as it charges based on your business and you are required to give information about your company then they will notify you about how much they charge to you for their services. So that’s why these people don’t provide online. And we recommend you to take the services of these websites when you have consistent sales in a huge amount.

6. Square


This payment system can be used by those business houses who don’t want to come under the online(means on the internet) world. But they want to accept payment via online mode with any devices(such as mobile, tablets & laptops) as they bring at the same time hardware, software, and payments. Square record all information instantly during the sale happen and tasks held with a credit card payment gateway. It is best for small businesses for credit card-related facilities. The cost is not so expensive and they don’t charge any monthly or annual fees for basic services.

pricing: It consists of three plans- A free plan, plus($29+/mo.), premium (custom).


This system API is much more friendly for every user whether beginner or professional. It provides a customized user experience. The security of this is so much trustable as it prevents fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. If your transaction is held in dollars then it will give you the best advantage as the dollar amount send and received quickly. It also provides a simple checkout system- if you want. It will charge monthly & transaction fees extra.


8. WePay


WePay provides payment via Apple pay and ACH Pay which PayPal doesn’t provide. And it is also known for crowdfunding than as e-commerce payment and it is also graceful for this(crowdfunding). The one thing you should have to remember always that it doesn’t permit PayPal transactions and so it can be drawbacks. It is like an assemblage and this condition leads to several iced accounts reached from the transaction assessment algorithm.


9. PayPal


This payment system operates in around 203 countries. It will not charge any startup costs or monthly fees (it works on per transaction service charge). Its establishment was held in 2002 and it the open to multi-currencies from different countries. It has a strong team for any type of fraudulent activity and this also proves very helpful in antitheft conditions and it leads to frozen multiple distrustful accounts (which also leads many users get dissatisfied as their money stuck in accounts and they didn’t get any warning from PayPal-according to some viewers). nowadays it is widely accepted around the world and most businesses opted this platform for transactions.


10. Stripe


Stripe comes under those categories of payment system providers which takes growth in just a short period. And some people(user) views be like it is the biggest competitor for PayPal. It also offers trial time with delayed payment if you want to become the user then it always has to remember that it is non-refundable. It provides guidelines to customers that he will stay on-site during payment without being redirected to another page and so it provides a good user experience. It stays very updated and now it also accepts Bitcoins. Still, it is in the growing stage and so it operates in 21 countries but despite this, the valuation of Stripe crosses $20 billion.


Hopefully, this list will help you in taking a decision and our recommendation is to decide payment gateway based on the future growth as well as upgradation with new technology like- Bitcoin. Which gives benefit to your company and also to the customers as well.

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