Best Game Server Hosting of 2022

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In this post, we are going to discuss which are the Best Game Server Hosting of 2022 Platforms for Everyone

The gaming world is developing daily, so it needs more computing power to evaluate things.

We don’t need to play games alone or invite friends for playing because in the modern era playing games becomes a social activity for people where they will participate with other people to play games online.

You can make teams online, play with people, and share your experiences i.e why you like this kind of game, becoming a part of the community of gamers.

To host these kinds of games you need the best gaming server where you will play games.

If you are a game fanatic and want to explore the gaming world and play games with anyone in the world you can rent a gaming server.

But if you want to set up the server its speed and performance could be down sometimes and it should decrease your performance and computer network issues spoil your mood of playing games.

To avoid these kinds of problems you should need Best Game Server Hosting of 2022 that saves your time

The Advantages of Gaming Servers are:

  • Best levels of customization
  • Handle high traffic demand
  • Quick Support
  • Good voice chats
  • Easy to use
  • No Overheating Issues

Best Game Server Hosting

  1. ScalaCube: Specially designed gaming server for Minecraft.
  2. HostHavoc: Premium game server for industry-leading performance
  3. Cloudzy: Best for providing VPN servers
  4. OVHcloud: Offers multiple software gaming servers
  5. Google Cloud: Provides good performance level
  6. Citadel Servers: Best hosting servers provide web-based solutions.
  7. Amazon Gamelift: Delivers Optimum game performance
  8. So you Start Best for storage backups
  9. Vultr: Offers Simple control panels with robust API



ScalaCube is the best gaming server, it rents its servers for games like Minecraft and it provides free traffic for its users.

It provides 10X more speed to its users and you can select SSD or HDD storage for your server. It assures its users to give the best-uninterrupted gaming server.

In addition to all of these, they provide slots for the Minecraft hosting servers with multiple plugins.

Apart from these, you can get full FTP support and instant setup functionality.

pricing: start at $2.5 per month.



HostHavoc is a very famous platform for server hosting for games in today’s worldview. Advanced features, custom tools, and an updated environment make it a very excellent choice and it also provides more than 25 games.

Due to NVMe, SSDs & enterprise-level server hardware enable complete control over the game with high-end features(with FTP).

Some crazy features are-

  • Support multiple mods
  • plugin
  • Plugins
  • Stream workshop availability
  • 3rd party API

It provides you to switch from one game to another without paying an extra amount. The network is very reliable and the network is 99.9% accurate. It has 10 data centers on 3 continents.


  • DDOS protection.
  • 3 days money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7 support within 10-15 minutes.

Popular games-

  • ARK
  1. 7 days to die
  2. Arma 3
  3. survival evolved
  • counter strike
  • Insurgency
  • sand storm
  • Mine craft
  • Rust
  • Terraria
  • Space engineers
  • Squad

Pricing: The pricing depends on which games you will choose- For example- 30 slot Rust server costs $0.46/per slot, an 80-slot server costs $0.24/per slot, and a 400-slot server (extreme case) costs $0.18 per slot.



Enjoy the best gaming experience with Cloudzy as it offers a zero-lag, high-end gaming experience with NVMe SSD and KVM tech system. From a protection point of view, it offers a smart firewall & DDoS technology.

The gaming experience would become more interesting and high spectacular when you are in these locations-

  • East Asia,
  • Europe,
  • North America

You can enjoy the best 30 famous games at no extra charge. And it has 15+ global data centers for minimum postponement among the user. The setup and establishment of gaming servers like Minecraft, ARK, Rust, Counterstrike, and many more.

The best thing is it offers a gaming server for both Windows & Linux. With high bandwidth, better solutions for game hosting, and with 1GBPs speed make it at a great price. The support it offers is 24/7 with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Pricing: the basic plan will be $7.95/Month.



The OVH gaming server gives the best performance for online gaming. It provides multiple game servers for multiple games like Minecraft, Arma, Rust, etc.

This server is truly based on the 3rd generation processors with Zen-2 architecture that gives users the best online gaming experience. It has efficient video and image processing.

It provides DDOS protection to all its servers. It has good security solutions, which adapt traffic to audio and video games.

It has 1 GB bandwidth which increases its performance and service capability. It offers people to rent its gaming servers all over the world according to their location.

OVH cloud servers have IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to provide better availability to their users. It has a 500 GB storage capacity for backups.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

For ideal gaming experiences host your games on the Google Cloud gaming server. Server management is a very simple technique that affects your gaming performance. Google Cloud servers have a maximum speed of 3.8GHZ.

Whatever the competition is in the global market but Google cloud has servers that are located in 24 regions and available in 200+ countries and connected to the high network between them.

It provides customized auto-scaling servers for its users so that their experience of playing games is good.

It has a single control panel with quick server management and easy deployment.

Citadel Servers

Citadel Servers

You can easily manage the server with TcAdmin- As management with this system will get easy. As it offers a strong & customizable panel. It offers updated technologies that come in recent times(which consist of all dedicated hardware & software).

Payment- once you make the payment then within a few seconds you will get the server connection and can start they offer 1 Gbps bandwidth for faster performance & their servers run on a Solid-State drive so that you will never see a lag in your game it leads to faster performance.

The Citadel Servers ensure the best performance and you can rely on this system as it offers all the different games which are popular and desirable.

The games they provide are-

  • Counter-Strike Source,
  • Terraria, Zombie Panic,
  • Interstellar Rift, 
  • Minecraft, PixARK,
  • Sandbox, Rust & many more.


  • 20 location covers which spread across 4 continents.
  • 24/7 monitoring with anti-DDoS security.


Amazon GameLift

Amazon GameLift

Amazon GameLift server provides endless gaming with AWS and the power to ensure proper performance, with no or less latency period, within an optimum pricing structure. Playing with a server can make your game to the next level with quick scale, operation, and deployment.

Running an environment in AWS will provide you most expensive and protected cloud platform.

It also offers more than 175+ fully featured services so you can also enjoy these services. With automatic scaling features- With this feature the thousand of simultaneous instances while stopping unused instances within some minutes.

It also offers DDoS protection. On every occasion, you can choose all arrangements such as memory, CPU, and network capacity suitable for gaming needs. And it will give you options to choose among 40 options according to your requirements. It is the best choice for multiplayer gamers.

The game engine supports- Supports most of the popular gaming engines like- C# & C++ game engines, Unity, Unreal engine, etc.

For using this server you just need to pay only for those resources you use with high-performing VMs, SSD-based storage, and blazing-fast data transfer, without any monthly adherence.

Locations- Situated in 15 places on 5 continents- leads to ensure proper serviceability.


So you Start

So you Start gaming servers provides us the best performance and transformation for playing on it. you can design your favorite games on this server, which gives specifications.

So you Start provides us to host games like :

  • Minecraft
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Counter-Strike

Features of So you Start are:

  • 16 IPs game servers
  • Anti DDoS Protection
  • 100 GB backup storage
  • 250 Mbps bandwidth

You can have the option of failover IP add-ons, Express KVM IP, and Backup+. You can also configure your system with intel i5 or i7,16-32 GB RAM & SSD storage.

It has data centers that are located in various parts of the world like Canada and France etc. It has art technologies for architecture, designs, and 24/7 support availability.



If you need a high-quality gaming server then you can deploy your gaming server on the Vultr. After the deployment of the server, it automatically connects to the Vultr cloud and provides you with the instances which help us to choose the data center.

Then you can customize and install the modules and play games on the server which provides you the better flexibility. It has high performance so that the players would discover everything on the servers.


  • High Performance
  • Fast SSD drives
  • 100% of SLA
  • Stability
  • consistency

It has a simple control panel and dashboard with a robust API and we can manage everything in a very simple way. Vultr provides you to connect your apps to the local network and provides complete root access for the dedicated IP, and custom ISOs.

You can also use API to sign up, control, and destroy the server.

Location: Their global data centers are located in 17 places in 10 different countries like the US, Netherlands, France, UK, Germany, Canada, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

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