8 Best free Photo Editing apps for Android and iPhones in 2023

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In this blog, we are telling about the best free photo editing apps.

In the modern era when we have to hang out with friends, and family we have to click the pictures. So we have to transform the pictures to improve the look and impress our friends on social media.

Sometimes we don’t have time to check which app is best for editing photos so in this blog we resolved the issue and you know about the Best Apps for Photo Editing Free.

How To Choose the best free photo editing apps

To edit the photos we have to Best free Photo Editing apps . So there are many apps available, but we don’t decide which app is good for us.

Some apps are free to use and some are paid apps so in this article we will tell you about the best app and resolve the difficulties that are you facing.

Features that are in the best Apps for Photo Editing:

  • Quality
  • Clear images
  • Easy to use
  • Variety of features

Here is the list of Best Apps for Photo Editing Free:

  • YouCam Perfect
  • PicsArt
  • PhotoDirector
  • Adobe Photoshop Camera 
  • Canva
  • PicCollage
  • Pixlr 
  • Snapseed

YouCam Perfect

8  Best free Photo Editing apps for Android and IPhones in 2023
YouCam Perfect

It is the best free photo editor and this is Best App for Photo Editing Free.

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Rating: 10/10


  • Background Changer
  • 1 tap background removal
  • There are many preset features
  • Animated Effects
  • AI object Removal
  • Collages and Templates

YouCam Perfect has powerful AI and beautifying features through which we can easily edit photos. It also has a variety of animations, collages, and templates.

If you will tap on your face you can also edit the face and it will change the background within the seconds you also know about the Best Apps for Photo Editing Free



It is a good photo editing app for those who want to apply filters to their photo and also know about the Best Apps for Photo Editing Free

Specifications: iOS and Android

Rating: 9/10


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Good Editing tools
  • Variety of filters, stickers, and collages

Picsart is a user-friendly editing app. This app is free to use but ads pop up when we are editing the photos. It has stickers and collages that we will use.

You can take photos from the PicsArt and apply filters, and effects, resize and crop your images. If you have an interest in photography then PicsArt tools will help to make minor tweaks and adjustments to your photos.

You can also animate your photos with the motion effect. But if we have to use tools like sky replacement, and light rays we will purchase the premium.

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PhotoDirector- image

It is also the best app for editing also know about the Best Apps for Photo Editing Free

Rating: 10/10


  • Filters and Effects
  • AI Technology
  • Lighting and color tools
  • Sky Replacement and light ray tools
  • Animation tools
  • Build-in Stock library

It has a user-friendly interface and it has a free stock library provided by the stock. We can make color grading, personalized collages, AI sky replacement, and object removal tools.

It has animation tools through which you can animate your videos, photos, etc. You can also use PhotoDirector for the Instagram effects.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop camera

Specifications: Android, iOS

Rating: 8/10

Key Features:

  • Adaptable for both experienced & Fresher.
  • An updated lens with the diversification of convertible options.
  • AI filter for specific photos & its own Sensei-tailored masks 

Photoshop Camera uses AI to apply notable effects & corrections on some photos before & after capturing the image. Lenses (app filter) offer a huge variety of options like- lighting, colors & special effects and also know about the Best Apps for Photo Editing Free

Updates are always provided by Adobe on regular basis. The app also gives power to experienced photo editors to be the creative shutters. It is more beneficial for casual users than serious content creators because the Bokeh effect and animation are more suited for casual work.


Canva official website

Specifications: Android, iOS

Rating: 7/10


  • Effect on Text
  • Strainer photos
  • Foundation-level photography effects
  • Huge templates

Customization on a good existing template is possible. Very versatile, customizing templates. From among the thousands of templates pick anyone whichever your requirements. The Instagram post is very easy to make with this. And lots of resume templates are also available.

But also with Canva pro, you may not be able to create professional-level art or photography and also know about the Best Apps for Photo Editing Free


Specifications: Android, iOS

Rating: 7/10


  • Personalization is very easy
  • Tons of frames of collage & design
  • Recurring seasonal let out

With very user-specific & friendly UI, effective grid system & aspect ratio. make it more comfortable than its competitors. This app doesn’t limit your square size and rectangle but it also enlarges your skills to circle, and honeycomb patterns (you can choose whatever you want).

The update they provide is seasonal, which means they provide an update for every season (whether autumn, winter, or any other).

For removing the watermark or for using more features you have to use its premium version and also know about the Best Apps for Photo Editing Free


Pixlr website image

Specification: iOS, Android

Rating: 9/10


  • To be easy to use the app consists of collage templates.
  • UI is very simpler either a fresher or experience one.
  • The Premium version is much more option provider than the free version, but with the Free version, the user also gets some filters, editing tools & overlays.

This app & its website doesn’t let you feel bored because of its rich full options. An option like- intuitive brushes as well as preset effects, modify your photos to black & white.

This software has a lot of options but Ad is also there till the free version. You will find some lack from the editing prospectus (if you are an experienced editor) but for a casual or intermediate level, it is considered the best tool for photo editing purposes. VISIT SITE NOW


Snap speed for mobile download image

Specification: Android, iOS

Rating: 8/10


  • one tap/click filter
  • More than 30 professional-level quality editing tools

It is made to complete the target of photo editors (which means making professional-level photo editing or videos). It provides a huge level of options for editors. Bulk in the number of filters, Snapspeed’s portrait for a pro-quality image like- brighten eyes, well-ordered skin, color scales, etc.

It contains more features & options than any other in this list. And if you are a beginner in photo editing then this may not feel comfortable as here you will find lots of options for everything as compared to other software if you want to edit in a very easy way then it may not fit you but if you want to learn most of the photo editing than it is for you. It has no premium variant.



What is the best app for editing the apps?

Youcam is the best app for editing photos, it removes unwanted backgrounds and objects with many effects.

What are the basic steps for photo editing?

  • Crop the images
  • Adjust the white balance
  • Adjust the color
  • Finalize

What is the most common thing that we keep in our minds?

Plans more things and edits less

How can I edit the photos like a professional?

You can edit the photos with the canvass, Pixlr, and photoshop express

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