What are the Types of Mailers That Work?

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Types of Mailers are reasonably priced and are made of cost-effective materials. It comes in a variety of sizes that don’t require you to use a large shipping box to transport a small item. It is also available in different styles. Mailers are a great option to explore.

What are the Types of Mailers That Work?

If you have an e-commerce business that businesses to deliver its products directly to its clients then you know the importance of having your product delivered safely.

Mailers are reasonably priced and are made of cost-effective materials. It comes in a variety of sizes that don’t require you to use a large shipping box to transport a small item. It is also available in different styles. Mailers are a great option to explore.
The standard cardboard box shipping process can keep products safe and protected from damage. If you’re shipping small, flat, sturdy products, you can save a substantial amount of money by switching to mailers. Mailers on average are not only cheap to buy but also lighter and cheaper to ship.
Mailers are different types and each type is designed with a specific purpose in mind whether your products require water resistance, protective padding, or a step above your competition.
See the different types of mailers below.

1. Poly Mailers

Poly mailers also known as polyethylene mailers are available in various sizes and styles. Poly mailers are a great option for shipping your products because they’re incredibly resistant to weather, changing temperatures, and tampering. This includes poly bubble mailers, returnable mailers, long mailers, and unique-colored poly mailers.

Soft products, such as bedding, clothing, and other items, are the ideal alternative to poly mailers, with minimal damage during transportation. If you want your packaging to stand out from your competitors you can use is luxury-colored polytypes of mailers example vibrant poly mailers.

However, there are many instances where a poly mailer would be a better and cheaper option.

2. Corrugated Mailers

Corrugated cardboard mailers are lighter and sturdier cardboard boxes. This type of box and carton inner products are resistant to vibration and have good thermal insulation and moisture damage protection. Using this can convey the message of premium quality and care, letting the consumer can know their product is worth protecting.

Corrugated mailers are used to ship a wide variety of products such as literature, artwork, and frames. You can easily make a shipping box without using any adhesive by simply pressing the sides into place.

Corrugated types of mailers are available in many designs and forms, like:

  • Standard corrugated cardboard
  • Premium corrugated cardboard
  • Brown kraft corrugated cardboard
  • Corrugated bakery boxes

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3. Chipboard Flat Mailers

Chipboard Flat Mailers are strong, long-lasting and lightweight mailers that are ideal for sending important pictures, documents, magazines, certificates, legal documents, and more. These mailers are constructed so that the material inside cannot become discolored, deformed, bent, or subjected to damage in any other shape, way, or form.

These mailers are offered in various sizes and are available in three color options Brown Craft, Black, and White. In addition, there are many different styles, including self-sealing, tab lock closures, and even gusseted types of mailers for large, heavy shipments.

4. Bubble Mailers

Bubble Mailers are the most efficient and secure way to send mail. These mailers are used for commercial and industrial purposes due to their design and protective nature. You can find these mailers in kraft brown or white, as well as a variety of sizes that are sure to fit your product.

A bubble mailer is a mailing material designed with an interior that is not only adhesive but also waterproof. You can use bubble mailers to transport everyday items including CDs, books, small electronics, jewelry, and stationery. You can also use this to send other items, such as t-shirts, to your customers to you make a delivery.

5. Rigid Mailers

Rigid mailers are rigid envelopes used to mail important art, documents, photos, and other flat objects. These rigid mailers protect your valuable documents from bending, crushing, or any other kind of damage. They are excellent for holding important documents, photos, artwork, and more. They are perfect for preventing creases, twists, folding and other damages in your shipment while saving money on cost.

You can ship fragile items of various shapes using a variety of rigid mailers such as padded envelopes or cardboard mailers. There can be a variety of damaged caused by your package being torn, twisted, or wrapped. Another factor when shopping for rigid types of mailers is self-sealing adhesive tabs that don’t damage the packaged item and keep it secure.

6. Eco-Friendly Mailers

Eco-friendly mailers are solid and durable mailers that protect not only your products but the environment. These are available in a variety of styles such as standard, reinforced, and gusseted.

The use of recycled materials makes it environmentally friendly and low carbon as the product is recycled. This reduces the cost of making eco-friendly types of mailers. Buyers today are more aware of their shopping habits and their impacts on the environment.

7. Glamour Mailers

The Glamour mailers are the best way to have an attractive shiny metal exterior that makes an eye-catching presentation when shipping any promotional or gift item. Manufacturers focus on achieving consistency in the packaging of products. These mailers are used for promotional or gift items and come with water and tamper resistance, and a self-contained one to eliminate the need for tape. This is a safe and secure way to ship your packaging.

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