How to set up google analytics in WordPress

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How to set up google analytics in WordPress

In this blog, we are telling about How to set up google analytics in WordPress.

The audience’s interaction on your website is significant for the improvement of the website. Through Google Analytics you will know the audience traffic from the stats.

Why the Google Analytics is important?

When you start writing the blog, your important goal is to get more users and traffic on your blog. To increase the traffic on your blog Google analytics will help you in this.

When the number of users is increasing on your website then this would be very helpful when you are creating a custom website to save the user’s data on your website.

Through Google Analytics you will track the user’s rate and you will also see how much time the users will stay on your website. What type of content will the user like on your website then you will publish the articles according to it.

Google Analytics will help you which is the best hours to publish the content, and at which time the number of users is active on the website also know How to set up google analytics in WordPress

How do people find your website?

People find your website through search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. It also tells from which search engine the maximum number the users are coming.

If you want backlinks from other websites, you can write a guest post for the backlinks and referrals.

How to set up google analytics in WordPress to interact with your content

Through Google Analytics, you will check how the users will interact with your website and also show the number of clicks per blog. You also make the strategies according to the users i.e which type of content they want.

SignUp In the Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free to use you can quickly sign up the any Gmail account.

Step 1: First go to the google analytics website for the signup and then click on the get started button.

Google Analytics

Then you will log in with the help of the Gmail account if you don’t have a Gmail account then you will make a new account and after that, there would be the welcome screen


Step 2: Ater clicking on the button you can fill in the account setup


Step 3: To create the google analytics property is the important step in the signup.


Google Analytics has the new feature Google Analytics 4 or GA4. Through this feature, you will track your website with your mobile phone also.

Then you have to enter the property name and select the time zone and currency. Then select the industry category and ask it for the business size.


Then select how to intentionally use Google Analytics. After this, you will click on the create button and there is a pop-up open with the service and agreement. Check on the checkbox and accept it.

service agreement

Then you will receive email notifications from google analytics. then save it and know How to set up google analytics in WordPress

Step 4: Then you will see the Google Analytics Web stream options

In this article, we are about How to set up google analytics in WordPress so select the web version in the signup process.


Then you have to add the website URL and stream name


Then click on the create stream button. You will see your stream URL, name, and measurement ID.

Google Analytics also shows how to use it on WordPress to track the record of your website.

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There are some ways How to set up google analytics in WordPress:

Method 1: Using Google Tag Manager

There are some steps on how to install Google Analytics to WordPress through the Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Step 1: Go to the dashboard of the WordPress

Step 2: Then go to the plugins and add new

Step 3: Search for the Google Tag Manager

Step 4: Then install the Google Tag Manager and activate the plugin

Step 5: After activation of the plugin create the account on the Google Tag Manager

Step 6: Enter the required details and then click on the start button

Step 7: Read the Terms and service agreements and continue it.

Step 8: When you will complete the signup process see the Google Tag Manager snippets

Step 9: Then click on the Ok button and get the Google Manager Id

Step 10: Go to the settings of the plugin and paste the Google Manager Id, click on the save button, and install it successfully.

Method 2: Add Google Tag Code to Header.php

When you add copy or paste the code of the header.php then you will add Google Analytics to the WordPress

Step 1: Go to the dashboard of the WordPress

Step 2: Then go to the editor in the appearance

Step 3: To edit the code click on the header.php

Step 4: Copy the tracking code of Google Analytics and edit the header file

Tag Code to Header.php

Step 5: After pasting the content it takes 48 hours to activate the Google Analytics

Method 3: Install the Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

Installing Google Analytics through the plugin in WordPress is very easy.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

Google Analytics

Step 1: Go to the Dashboard the WordPress

Step 2: Then go to the section of the Plugins then add a new plugin to it

Step 3: Type the GA analytics plugin then install this plugin

Step 4: Then go to the plugin setting and copy or paste the tracking id of the Google Analytics tracking code

Step 5: Include tracking code in the analytics.js then save it.



MonsterInsights is the very popular Google Analytics WordPress plugin

Step 1: Go to the settings of the plugin and link it to the Google Analytics account

Step 2: Then click on MonsterInsights and set up the web analytics button and the setup of the MonsterInsights

Step 3: Then select the category of the site

Step 4: Then connect the MonsterInsights with the Google account then save it

Step 5: When the setup was completed it takes some time to fetch some data


What is the importance of using Google Analytics?

Through Google Analytics you will see the traffic of your site and how much people are engaging with your website

What are the main pillars of Analytics?

Speed, agility, and performance are the three main pillars of the Analytics

How to track the Analytics in WordPress?

To track the analytics in WordPress you will go to any page or post and click on the insights of the admin panel

Is Google Analytics free to use?

Yes you will use Google Analytics is free to use and you will also use the tools of the Google Analytics

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