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In this blog, we are telling about the best pc emulator for android apk. If you want to enhance your gaming experience then you should use android emulators.

What is Android Emulator?

It is the android virtual device which is also known as the AVD. It is used to design or represent the android device.

It is also used to run android applications on the system which depends on the user’s needs.

It is convenient to deploy applications developed in the user’s IDE.

What is Android?

It is an open-source Linux-based operating system(OS) used for the especially the platforms like smartphones, tablets, etc.

Android is a popular OS because it has the features like open source, a large developer and community reach, app integration, increased marketing, success ratio, reduced cost development, and a good developing environment.

Why do we android emulators?

Phones of android are useful, creative, and portable but if we used them for a long use it cannot as much suitable as our computers.

Emulators act as the bridge between the user’s android device and the computer’s resources. It reduced the fall behind the android games and you got to access the games to control the computer, allowing the big screen as compared to phones.

  • It has a larger display which has better controls to use applications.
  • You can more than one application at one time.
  • It has unlimited battery life.
  • No performance issues are detected by using the emulators.

How do Android Emulators work?

It completely works on the principle of platform virtualization for software and hardware. Its AVD helps the users to set up the configurations for virtual android devices.

It has the application binary interface which verifies the system. It is also known to mimic device software for its users.

users integrate it with the operating system and run it like a program and application on their system. But in some cases, CPU configurations must be slow. so it is better to use your computer as the host.

It becomes so popular because it provides a good workaround for those people who don’t have high android devices. Users will play multiple games at the same time with good performance.

How to install the emulators on your PC?

  • Firstly install the android studio.
  • Then install the android emulators.
  • Android emulators for installing apps.

Here is the list of Android Emulators:

Top 10 best pc emulator for android apk

  • BlueStacks
  • Remix OS Player
  • MEmu
  • Genymotion
  • Bliss
  • AndY
  • PrimeOS
  • LDPlayer
  • Android Studio
  • Nox Player
  • Ko Player

BlueStacks Emulator

best pc emulator for android apk

Bluestacks is an American-origin company and it was made to push the android and ios mobile game boundaries. This permits the user system to run android games.

It helps to increase the advertising capacity of digital as well as traditional channels.

Some Facts:

BlueStacks was able to get up to $30 million from tech giants because of its huge customer base. Initially, the customer connected to that service is approximately more than 10 million, and that increased to 130 million over time.


  • With the support of Android N on the user system, it offers high graphics and also helps to save mobile phones’ batteries.
  • It offers many options for enhancing the experience with no delay time.
  • The interface they offer is very impressive & simple as well and you can also customize it.
  • It allows you to run multiple applications at one time.
  • It will not consume your RAM and with a very simple installation make it very interesting.

Supported in-

Microsoft Windows, Android, Apple Mac OS.


Open-source and premium versions come at $24 per month.

Why should we use it-

Free of cost, capable to run multiple games, also offers custom key mapping and Supports all games without much RAM processing.


  1. While using the features you may face some bugs as well.
  2. No control over the home screen.

VISIT SITE: Bluestacks Emulator

Remix OS Player

best pc emulator for android apk

With this platform, you will feel the android experience in your system. And it also offers key mapping tools like the former which help the Android games with touch schemes (you can also use a mouse and keyboard as well).

For installation, you need a .exe file and directly run the Remix OS Player.


  • It is beneficial for Android developers as well for app optimization for AndroidPC as well as for chrome.
  • Multi-window support
  • It comes with a marshmallow and high definition gaming system.
  • The user can map any number of keyboard buttons.
  • It provides good usability for android to run on a PC.

Supported in-

Android & Mac OS.


Open source

Why should we use it-

  • Runs all Android games with the latest version of Android OS.
  • Multi-functional (so that you can run multiple applications).
  • Mostly recommended for Productivity apps.


It does not support all games available in the market, Lack of customization.

VISIT SITE:  Remix OS Player Emulator

MEmu Emulator

best pc emulator for android apk

MEmu is an open-source android emulator for playing games on the desktop. It is a good android emulator. It provides significant performance to its users.

It has 20 million users in all over 200 countries in 20 languages. Users will play games through multiple accounts.


  • It allows file sharing between android and windows platforms.
  • Its installation is straightforward and supports a mouse, keyboard, and gamepad to play games on the mobile.
  • It allows users to play free android games
  • You can develop a custom android emulator or application.

Supported In:

Android and windows


It is open source but charged for the premium version

Why should we use it-

It passes sensor data which acts like an accelerometer for android, high definition games like car racing and Pubg can be played very easily.


  • It does not support all the games.
  • The UI can be improved for a better user experience i.e adding better themes.

VISIT SITE:  MEmu Emulator

Genymotion Emulator

best pc emulator for android apk

Genymotion is specially designed for supporting the application developers to test the products. It is easy to use.

It provides custom features to its users. It has good screen sensors like GPS etc.


  • It uses the desktop webcam as the video resource to record screencasts of the virtual device of the user.
  • It has high-definition pixel compatibility
  • It is the multi-support android emulator which speeds up the testing.

Supported In:

Android, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux


Its cost is $136 per year to $412 per year per user.

Why should we use it-

  • It can evaluate devices with slow internal storage.
  • It supports multiple operating systems.


  • It is not open source and its price is high.
  • Sometimes it lags in the android application.

VISIT SITE: Genymotion Emulator

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Bliss Android apk

It gives the user access to android applications run on their desktop. Bliss Emulator is open-source software and the company Bliss also works on open-source projects.

With this software, you can do more customization & some special features as well you got.

Top Variant: Bliss ROM.


  • It runs in a stress-free environment & a smooth performance.
  • It also provides you with power saving mode.
  • Mostly you will get the updated version.
  • The main focus of that organization is on design so you will get high-quality layouts.

Supported Platforms: Mostly on every device (Android, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux).

Price: Open source(means free of cost).

Why should we use it-

Because of Vulkan support (present in the advanced menu which also supports partial sleep state means). CPU will work but activity decline to null(void).


You may face issues with Navbar. Many UI gets started at the same time & Sleep state is not working properly.

VISIT SITE: Bliss Emulator.


Andy emulator

Here they provide the latest updates for android and we can say that they just break the barrier between android and desktop. You can play any game android games of your system. For experiencing the best pc emulator for android apk.

Here you can take snapshots as well and can look at your system. Phone can be used as a joystick 🕹️ with this emulator.


  • Users can download any game from the internet directly to their Andy OS.
  • Mostly all the apps can run on the system which means you can also run your favorite application as well.
  • You can also push notifications on windows as well as on Mac OS.

Supported Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS.

Price: Open source(means free of cost).

Why should we use it-

The user does not need to leave multi-touch. It greatly helps to get the feature of the phone as a joystick.


You may face slow performance & some bugs as well.

VISIT SITE: Andy Emulator


PrimeOS emulator

PrimeOS emulator is very trending in the market nowadays. As it provides a complete desktop experience with a lot of features. It is the best pc emulator for android apk.


  • It combines the interface of android & your system.
  • Just by installing the prime-os installer, you will get a dual boot with a single click.
  • It provides better performance as compared to window PC.

Supported platforms:

Browser, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Android.

Price: It is open-source.

Why should we use it-

It is not disappointing if you want a thrilling gaming experience with smoothness.


For prime windows, the software will fill not be so compatible and You will also feel a lack of customization.

VISIT SITE: PrimeOS Emulator


LDPlayer emulator

LDPlayer is very compatible if you want to see your android game on a windows laptop. For playing android games you are free to use your mouse & keyboard (which means customization is on yours).

The feature that most people like is multi-tabs (which means you could also play multiple games on your one PC). The optimization is your choice. Why? You are free to boost their FPS & graphics as LDPlayer. That is why it comes in one of the best pc emulator for android apk


  • Open-multiple games by splitting your screen.
  • Android games using a keyboard & mouse.
  • Automatically adjust your gaming experience.

Supported Platform: Windows

Price: It’s Free

Why should we use it-

  • Multiple android games just by splitting.
  • Increasing gaming experience.
  • Lightweight software.
  • Free license.

Cons- Lag sometimes while playing games.

VISIT SITE: LDPlayer Website

Android Studio

Android studio emulator

It is introduced by Google and comes with more flexible features and is also faster than a real device. Google also understands the need for this so you can also download its best pc emulator for android apk.

It provides you high an end gaming experience with less memory consumption. And a brand like Google you could also imagine the reliability. By looking at the user experience you will find the positive rating more as compared to the negative rating in the best pc emulator for android apk.


  • For a better user experience, it also provides you with good theme choices.
  • Multi-functionality & good graphical user interface.
  • Made with Java, high performance gets ensured.
  • Screenshot capability while using multiple applications in your system that’s why we include it in our list of best pc emulator for android apk.

Supported platform:

 Android, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac OS.


Open-source 👌.

Why should we use it-

Lots of options apart from emulator basics like- high-end gaming experience, and testing apps. And we shouldn’t forget about Google’s brand. It also gathers all the features of the best pc emulator for android apk.


You will face a high price when buying a premium version of it. And the Visual interface needs to be improved.

VISITE SITE: Android Studio Emulator

Nox Player

Nox Player emulator

It will provide you with better safety features as it comes with GDPR & your personal information gets secured in this. Not only for Gaming you can also run other applications as well with smoothness. So that we include it in our best pc emulator for android apk.

With this software, you have multiple options such as Script recording, keyboard & gamepad that can run simultaneously. This software proves to be the line of best pc emulators for android apk.


  • Support Android 7 so your experience will be nice & multiple applications can run here.
  • It has open keyboard mapping to start/run with a single click so that it makes the place in our list of best pc emulators for android apk.
  • With a macro recorder, multiple or complex operations get resolved, and execution is very simple (just one click).

Supported Platforms: Android and Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, etc.

Price: It is open-source.

Why should we use it-

  • You can change the system theme, back app data, and boost battery and CPU performance (which means greater control) in this best pc emulator for android apk.
  • High reliability as it is launched in 200 countries and with approximately 150 million user base so you can trust it in this best pc emulator for android apk.


Lag when too many windows open concurrently at the same time. The user interface needs to be enhanced.

VISIT SITE: Nox Player Emulator

Ko Player

KOPlayer emulator

If you want to enjoy the gaming experience with no lagging then it is for you as it is made to run games without any lag. This is a very powerful & robust emulator.

Amazing thing is that if you don’t have any android then still, you can enjoy android applications that are available in the Google play store. For best pc emulator for android apk.


  • 📽️ Video recording feature. And support all remote devices like- a gamepad, mouse, microphone, and camera to enjoy mobile-based games on a desktop so it is included in our list of best pc emulators for android apk.
  • Sharing your gameplay with another person also get possible with this emulator.
  • This emulator also supports volume adjustment, resolution & screen capturing, etc.

Supported Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS.

Price: It is open-source.

Why should we use it-

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • compatibility challenges get avoided with this.
  • uncomplicated & fast download


You will not get any custom options as per your requirements.



Explain the work of an Android emulator.

The Android Virtual Device (AVD) manager assists you to establish and do arrangements for all virtual devices. Android Virtualization works on the concept of virtualization of software & hardware both. So we must provide you best suggestion before taking to the next step of the best pc emulator for android apk.

Merits of Android Emulator.

It can be better understood with simple points-

  • Larger display that it helps to enhance your control system.
  • PC can handle high-end games, the battery life gets secured 🔋.

What is Android Emulator?

It is a software application that allows you to play and run games, and applications on your PC that can only run on your device. You can also install Android applications on your PC for enjoying the best pc emulator for android apk.

For which purpose it is mostly used.

For Debugging purposes.

Name of the best Android Emulator.

  1. LDPlayer â€“ Best for Gamers Like PubG, CoC, and Free Fire.
  2. BlueStacks â€“ Best for Hybrid or local PC
  3. Android-x86
  4. Menu
  5. PrimeOS
  6. Genymotion

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