Secrets About How To Write An Article

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In this article, we talk about How to Write an Article in the correct format and we offer imperative ways to compose a compelling article.

Whenever we write an article, first of all, we should know what is our opinion of that article. Without any thought how could you say your opinion to anyone if you have an idea about something then if you want to tell that to the whole then what will be the options? Some people say their opinion in journals, newspapers, magazines, and blog as well as through other mediums so that everyone who read that one then considers it. So here we will get to know about how to write an article with its formatting.


So, first of all, What is an article? An article is a piece of some written line written for a large audience. And the main motive behind writing an article is that it should print either in a magazine, newspaper, or journal to make a variation in the world of whoever reads it.

On what topic-

The topic may not be predefined but mostly it is related to the interest of the writer or belong to the current issues. Topics could be important for someone or everyone.

Objectives of Article Writing

The objective behind writing an article is-

  • The article has the power to sharing of information.
  • It offers suggestions and pieces of advice.
  • It brings out some facts and figures also towards to the public eye.
  • Through articles, only many people share their numerous stories, persons, rising issues, technical developments, and locations.

Formatting of articles

By following the right article format, you can easily attract the attention of readers eyes. The fundamental guideline for writing an article is-

  1. Heading/article
  2. A line having an editor’s name
  3. Body(the main part of the article contain 2-3 paragraph)
  4. Conclusion(in which you can write your opinion, anticipation, appeal or suggestions and many more according to your view)

Steps for writing an article in the correct format-

Your first step should be to think carefully about the topic on which you will write an article. And if you have done this then go ahead for another step-

Targeting audience: just remember before writing about an article what type of people will read your article(it may be for some age group, related to marriage, children, money, home, relationship, real estate, and a lot more).

Purpose: Find the objective of why you want to write an article.

Gather all information- what you are going to write you should about in very deep so that any fact which you are going to write must factful, significant and make a great impact on them.

Sort- Present all the figures and the fact in a logical way.

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If you grip all the above points then afterward you are just required to take the last step- writing:

  • In English articles, you have to remember- grammar, spelling, & punctuation in a proper manner.
  • Maintain the introduction of the topic catching, a short, interesting manner.
  • Maintain lexis skills.
  • Consider the matter and the opinion in an elaborated way.

Frequent mistakes in the format of writing an Article:

Some of the common mistakes most people do while writing an Article. You don’t repeat these mistakes and take care of that-

  1. Please don’t write too formally in the language you will use.
  2. Language must be easy so that anybody can understand.
  3. Not using proper quotes and figures.
  4. The title must be catchy.
  5. Never tell about himself but his views can be presented so that readers will consider them.

Some tips (points) you need to keep in the brain during an article writing-

The subject of the article must be unique.It has to be easy to read.
Interesting subject matter.The article must attract attention.
Eye-catching title, with clarity.The reader (means targeting audience) must be identified.
Clear the goal of writing an article. Which can
be anything for entertainment, comparison, advice, and information.
Attentively keep the starting so that reader will not feel boredom.
Avoid repetitions & reasons.Write an adequate & logical ending.

Clear up Examples on Steps for How to Write an Article-

Difficulty: Elaborately classify Dos & Don’ts in article writing.

1. write very lengthy articles.2. Add the editor’s name.
3. Just the conclusion & introduction should be attractive.4. Target the audience.
5. Only three paragraphs will be enough- The introduction, the middle one & conclusion.6. The language should be according to the reader’s mindset.
7. The title should be clear & can be lengthy.8. Targeting audience.
9. Punctuation must be clear.10. Use any tense, person, abbreviation, or self-made words while writing an article.

Solutions to that difficulties-

Firstly you have to add the writer’s nameArticles that should be written by you are lengthy
Article language should be written according to the readersYou can advise in the paragraph rather than starting with the same content
Take care of the punctuationuse any tenses, or verbs according to your article
Article’s heading must be specified and clearTitles are lengthy and clear
Your main focus is to target the audienceThe conclusion and introduction are informative for the readers

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