A Top free blogging platform for Designers and Artists.

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Raise & multiply the audience with your great work through the best A Top free blogging platform.

When choosing a platform you have to choose one flexibility or ease of use. And If you choose flexibility, you need to flex your technicality or coding skills for managing your work. on the other side, choosing easiness leads to sacrificing your work how it seems.

We have tested many platforms and seen users’ feedback and on that behalf, we have presented the reviews about the platform which is the best website for blogging. Here is the best blogging platform in 2022 for you, from where you can start your journey of blogging.

Just by signing up, you can choose your path from where you want to start and if we talk about social media platforms then they fill with lots of likes, shares, and many more which may lead to anxiousness and from a blogging point of view which leads to enhancement of your creative work with latest tools. If you want to achieve success in your blogging then we recommend you to look at our guide.

Top 3- blogging platforms for blogging

Wixone of the best A Top free blogging platforms for freshers


Wix provides you with many templates and easy drag & drop layout options that are simple to use if anyone is new to this line then this platform is the best choice as you don’t need any coding skills. Just by paying $63.29 per month you can also remove ads.

Jump to the official website- https://www.wix.com/

Weebly- Easy to use in any manner


This is one of the best platforms for designers and artists as it is very easy to use than Wix. And it also provides you free plan with hosting. It can also be used by many users who are new to technology. The plan which comes in the premium or paid plan is categorized into 3 parts from which you can choose your best-suited plan.

Jump to the official website- https://www.weebly.com/in

Substack– Substitute for blogging if you don’t want to choose above


It is one of the best platforms for blogging as it provides you natural interface and it is free till you take a paying subscriber. It promotes your art & design business to that level that you may want as it manages your work via blog or newsletter.

Jump to the official website- https://substack.com/



one of the best free blogging platforms for freshers

Today’s best deal-

Objective to buy extensible over time.

The gamut of templates.

Objective to avoid Finite storage on the free plan.

The free site includes ads.

Wix is proven to be the best blogging platform if you want to make a quick blogging website. Just by using simple drag & drop options, you can build your website whether blogging or any other website.

If you make a site on this platform then Wix will show ads but just like an online store, google analytics you have to pay for removing this. But the pricing that they charge is quite optimistic. If you see our suggestion then we suggest you go with the free plan and then upgrade it to the premium plan when your website visitors increase.

It also gives you a range of templates with 1 GB of bandwidth and 500 MB of online storage.

VISIT SITEhttps://www.wix.com/



Best Platform for Non-Technical Persons

Today’s best deal-

Objective to buy Easy to use

Good Responsive templates

Objective To avoid- Not good features as compared to Wix

Not customizable as compared to Wix

Weebly has good drag-and-drop features that easily create the website by using the template. According to our opinion, Weebly is not customizable as compared to Wix. But the interface of Weebly is not complex and it is easy to use.

Weebly free plan means ads on the website and a branded domain name, you can also provide customizable layouts and good sharing options. In the paid plan there are no ads, customizable domain name, and customizable options.

VISIT SITEhttps://www.weebly.com/in



It is a Good Platform for Newsletter writers

Today’s best deal-

Objective to Buy- Best platform to Earn Money

Easy to use

Objective to avoid- Simple layout options

In the modern era designers and artists are expanding themselves with emails and newsletters. So substack is a good option for these types of users because the substack provides newsletters as well as a webpage to share your all newsletters on one page.

If you want a unique-looking blog so substack is not a good option for you because its main focus is on emails and newsletters. In the substack, you will get the content management system with text formatting tools, images, video, and web content.

You can post your emails on the website and it allows you to read your emails to everyone.

We used a substack to set up the newsletter and it has a good interface that is easy to use. It has a feature of viewing history which provides you with the past history of the posts and the newsletters and you can also access the past newsletters also.

VISIT SITEhttps://substack.com/



The best blogging Platform for Professionals

Today’s best deal-

Objective to buy- Business Focus

Easy to Use

Find our own niche audience

Objective to avoid- We don’t get our own site

If you are writing a blog and you want a niche audience for your blog so LinkedIn is a good option for you. LinkedIn is a simple business-oriented social platform, people can also share posts on it.

Some people also share posts on their personal LinkedIn accounts and some people post their blogs, and linked them to their platform. If you have a large network of connections on LinkedIn it will be a good option for you to show your skills on the platform.

If your main focus is to reach your blog posts to many people in the world LinkedIn will do this job very easily. It is very simple to use. You would click on the icon ‘write an article then you should enter the article headline where you upload your blog image and write a blog post on it.

VISIT SITEhttps://in.linkedin.com/



Best Platform for hosting websites and Blogs

Today’s best deal-

Objective to buy- Easily customizable

Huge community

objective to avoid- Building a site takes a lot of time

Abrupt learning curve

It has open-source site-building software that is free to use and you can post unlimited blogs on it. It has the best level of control for artists and designers.

When we renewed it, it takes a lot of time to build the site, and if we want some good results we had some web design skills to use on it. It has not had good customer support for the people who are using its services.

So this is not a good option for making a blog on it, you also need the web hosting domain for it. You also choose some ads for your blogs.

VISIT SITEhttps://wordpress.org/



An easier option to wordpress.org

Today’s best deal-

Objective to buy- Easy to Use

Totally free

objective to avoid- Third-party ads

Limited Features

wordpress.org and wordpress.com are two different websites for artists and designers. wordpress.org has a powerful design platform and you have to pay for the domain, and hosting. But wordpress.com has one solution for it which includes hosting and domain and is much easier to use.

So wordpress.com is the better choice for those users who don’t have enough time to read the documentation and they will build their website by using their design skills.

In the free plan, you will get free hosting, 3GB space, and a branded domain name ending with in.wordpress.com. It has a customizable design with third-party ads on your blogs.

It has the best themes for making websites as compared to wordpress.org but it has a complex interface as compared to Wix and Weebly.

VISIT SITEhttps://wordpress.com/



One of the amazing free blogging platforms for programmers

Today’s best deal-

Objective to buy– Best personalized feature.

With open source.

objective to avoid- Less popular as compared to WordPress.

Sharp learning bend.

Joomla will make your site very easily but irrespective of that you need to add customization according to your requirement only with codes. So, it looks like wordpress.org (that had discussed earlier). It is open-source software at no cost. But you are required to pay for your domain name and also for hosting.

This builder may be the best solution for you if you want to make a complex website. As it contains hundreds of templates to use & alter personally and lots of extensions for making your blog look amazing with these extension features. The themes they provide are lesser than WordPress.org. If you can code then it can prove the best choice for you.

For providing the best solution for the hosting problem to the users, Joomla collaborates with SiteGround. With launch.joomla.org offers you a fundamental level feature of Joomla with free hosting. The free feature they provide is not so much benefitted if you want to make your website to a high level. In our opinion, it will be good enough to get started on your work as soon as possible because you can also upgrade later to the full-fledged self-hosted website.

There are a lot of other platforms for non-coders for making blogging but in the case of coders then what will be the best so, this would be the best one.

VISIT SITE- https://www.joomla.org/



An amazing free blogging platform for Evernote users


Objective to buy- Swift and simple.

cheapen support.

Support comments.

Objective to avoid- Basic.

If you have an Evernote account, then this platform suited you the most. As you can perform blogging quickly and easily.

Postach.io will make your Evernote content into a simple blog post, In just one click. All you have to do is connect your notebook and mark public content as #publish. This platform provides you with a good feature that may be nice for your blog which is commenting functionality with Disqus and your post also gets shared on Facebook as well as on Twitter.

One thing you have to remember is that if you want to customize more then you should choose another one on the list. But if you want to post your blog quickly then this platform can fall.

VISIT SITE-https://postach.io/



It is beneficial for IT support


Objective to buy- Simple templates

Good Customer Support

Objective to avoid – Limited Storage

It is only good for personal blogs

To set up the blog Site123 provides us with a 24/7 live chat support system.

Site123 is easy to use. It provides ready-made styles and layouts for making blogs. So we don’t need any support. It has to place its own ads on the websites. It has the option of post-scheduling and integration for writing small blogs on it.

VISIT SITE- https://www.site123.com/



A prime platform for Coders


Objective to buy- Best for the model.

Hosting on GitHub at no cost.

Objective to avoid- Not so beginner friendly.

It is not user a friendly interface

It will provide you a text file with an optional markdown then this will turn into a static site after that you can host it anywhere depending on you.

This platform is made with a mind to attract developers. And this is very helpful for developers.

Jekyll is the engine at the back of GitHub pages. Which automatically enables you to host your work at no cost. If you don’t know technologies like databases, upgrades, and others, you can also be invited for blogging. This platform gives us the freedom to make our site from scratch.

VISIT SITE- https://jekyllrb.com



One of the best free blogging platforms for 2000s nostalgia

Today’s best deal-

Objective to buy- Enjoyable while using.

Great for the short post.

Objective to avoid- Difficult to cast.

Lack of professional look.

It was launched in 2007. And that time it become famous like- Instagram in today’s world. It is still worth it if you want to build from that builder to look like that time.

It provides some great social features such as the capability for the user to follow the post. And making a site with fun can’t be neglected. The amazing thing is that a large number of users still use this platform for blogging purposes.

It is uncomplicated from a customizable point of view so that you can make your book according to the solid style you want. It doesn’t provide you with so much layout(so it should be kept in mind). Due to the 2000s nostalgia look, you will also get that spirit too.

VISIT SITE- https://www.tumblr.com/explore/trending?source=homepage_explore



It Supports creative content users

Today’s best deal-

Objective to buy- Future proof

separate content and design

objective to avoid- It is not good for beginners

It is not good for complex sites

Contentful has a unique API approach that helps users to separate content from the design. If you want to update the blog from the old version to the new version you should definitely use contentful.

VISIT SITE- https://www.contentful.com/



Best Platform for bloggers

Today’s best deal-

Objective to buy- Good for simple blogs

Indexed by Google

Integrated with Google Analytics

Objective to avoid- It has limited features

Blogger is the explorest field in blogging. It is acquired by google in 2003 and people are still working on it. It is easy to use. If you make a blog on it you should just need a Google Id and after the sign up you will make an easy blog with many themes and templates.

You should use the blogger only for making a simple blog because it is easy to use.

VISIT SITE- https://www.blogger.com/about/



The best one for elaborate articles


Objective to buy- Admired by a professional.

Set up is not required.

Objective to avoid- Lack of customization in respect of posts.

This is not from where you get your site.

The medium was launched in 2012 by the creator of Twitter because of articles that look long & lengthy but this blogging platform will maintain its looks polished with a streamlined experience. Your post won’t be so different from another user of the medium and you will not get your website also. But despite all of the points, your post will look so professional and nice as well.

It is for those people who don’t want a full-fledged blog and still want to publish an article in the online world. This is the option for you (one other option is LinkedIn- we stated above).

VISIT SITE- https://medium.com/



Amazing blogging platform with advanced features


Objective to buy- Powerful security system.

Open-source CMS.

Objective to avoid- Mostly preferable for an experienced developer.

Small-scale community of users.

Its advanced features with high-tech security make it attractive for those experienced developers who want high security for their blog. You need to be good skills on the web.

It is an open-source content management system (CMS) and if it gets set up then it is very easy to use with good web skills you could go too far. The main tool includes a web-based administration panel. It contains WYSIWYG, the quick embedding of videos, rich text editing, a website editor, and tree-based navigation formation, with drag & drops options as well.

one thing you have to keep remembering before taking a decision that is you have to purchase your hosting with the domain name.

VISIT SITE- https://www.silverstripe.org/



It is good for those users that tap into the existing community


Objective to buy- Creative focus

Starts the blog instantly

Objective to avoid- Don’t get the website

It does not provide the customized look

Hubpages are best for those users who want different sections for their blogs. It has different sections like arts, and designs that provide bloggers to connect with the audience and share their posts in the wide community.

You can earn money through website ads and advertising. It is easy to use and we use it very efficiently.

VISIT SITE- https://discover.hubpages.com/



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