How To Develop the Website

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(This will blow your mind and provide full insight into how to create a site)

In this article we are telling about How To Develop the Website, this guide is not just for persons who belongs from a technical background, this is also for novice persons who don’t have any technical knowledge about making a website and publishing it online (This guide is perfect for both)😀.

We cover all the mistakes that happen most of the time while building a website.

Step1 Register your Domain name.

(If you already own a domain name then you could skip that point)

Domain? It is like your website name means your website is known from this name for online publishing you need a domain which you register.

Costing- $10 a year.

Rules are kept in mind for avoiding any loss:-

  • For business purposes website- start domain name with
  • For Personal purposes- The domain name should be is more popular.
  • Don’t be obsessed with the name of your domain because domain name with know in common has been purchased already so choose carefully.

There are lots of Top Level Domains (TLD), which means .com, .in, and .org to How To Develop the Website Here we use because .com is available but you could also choose .org or anything. For attracting people globally you could the above extensions but for local (domestic, native) your domain name may vary.

For purchasing a domain name you could visit a different website that provides domain names like- GoDaddy, Hostinger & many more. This just takes less than 5 minutes.

Step 2 Choose the Platform for How To Develop the Website

If you are making the website you will choose the suitable platform on which your website is built.

There are many website builders through which you can create your website. Most people who are beginners choose the wrong platform for building their websites and know How To Develop the Website

Here is the List Of Website builders:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Joomla
  • Shopify

But WordPress and Shopify are used by many users and know How To Develop the Website

WordPress: WordPress is used by most people, it is free to use, the most flexible, and suitable for those users who have small, and large business

Shopify: It is suitable for those users who want to build the e-commerce site

Step 3 Building the Website

Setting The Website

Firstly purchase the hosting then installed WordPress and start making the website

But if you want to make an eCommerce website then you will use Shopify for building the website

How to use WordPress for setting up the Website

Before starting with WordPress you should sign up with the web hosting service provider and then install WordPress.

There are the steps to follow to install WordPress as the web host to How To Develop the Website

Step 1: Choose the web hosting service provider

How To Develop the Website

I am using Bluehost as the hosting service provider you can also use another hosting service provider.

On the Homepage of Bluehost click on “Get Started Now” and then go to the plans choose a page and know How To Develop the Website

Step 2: Select the Hosting Plan

Hosting Plans

Bluehost provides three plans for you. Choose the basic plan if you are a beginner and do not have great website traffic.

Then click on select when you will choose the plan.

Step 3: Decide the Domain name

How To Develop the Website

After choosing the plan decide on the domain name with the Bluehost, otherwise, you can register with the free domain for the first year. If you are confused about your domain name you can also skip this step.

When you will decide on the domain name click on “Next”.

Step 4: Create the Account and select the package Information

Account Information

Fill out the necessary details like first name, last name, email, etc.

After filling in these details select the package information.

Before going to the payment check all the details if correct click on “Submit”

How To Develop the Website

Now create the account and login into it then install WordPress.

Step 5: Install WordPress

After logging into the Bluehost account. Then click on Create your website -> Select the purpose (between Blog, Store, Business website, or Portfolio site/Resume. You could also choose other options from the dropdown) -> Choose from which platform you would choose between Bluehost website builder and WordPress -> click on Get started.

How To Develop the Website
How To Develop the Website
How To Develop the Website

Step 6: Start customizing your WordPress site

Before going toward the fundamental point, Bluehost will ask you to tell us what type of website you want(or going to make). It may also suggest you some plugins.

You can also skip the next step if you don’t customize the site.

How To Develop the Website

Step 7: Pick your theme

You could choose one from many options- if you want something different. And also you can choose any template from Bluehost’s recommendation. After choosing the theme just click on Use this theme then How To Develop the Website

(In the future you could choose another theme as well, just going to WordPress dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes).

How To Develop the Website

Step 8: Customize your design

How To Develop the Website

After clicking use this theme, You are redirected to the client area of Bluehost. From there you can go to the WordPress dashboard & can also update plugins.

For using different plugins just go to the WordPress dashboard under the tab plugin.

From here you can start modifying your site.

You will be redirected to the website editor page if you click on Customize site button.

After reaching the website editor page. On the left side, you will see lots of options for modifying your site as you want.

(Note: The theme that you choose may change your layout for the editor page)

How To Develop the Website

Recommendation: We recommend you grab the drag & drop options means go deep into these options. And make your site better and you have a choice for more styling based on your CSS(Cascade Style Sheet) skills.

If you have done the above steps move towards the next step which is pages and content and know How To Develop the Website

Add pages, and content and customize the website

Firstly you have to set up the WordPress site.

Then you have to make the important pages for your site like:

  • Home Page
  • About us page
  • Contact Page
  • Blog
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Reviews

After making the pages build the website navigation

Add Pages and Content On the Website

If you are making the website without the pages the website will not look good. In order to make the website attractive make some pages and post blogs on it for more information about this How To Develop the Website just follow the below lines as well.

Add Pages and content to the WordPress

In the sidebar menu click on “pages” and then on “add new”

How To Develop the Website

WordPress has a block editor known as the Gutenberg editor through which you can pick the option you want to use. Each option has its own meaning of usage to How To Develop the Website

How To Develop the Website

And the right side of the page there is the option of the featured image, permalink, tags, and many more through which you can select any option.

After selecting and making a blog on WordPress publish the blog if you are declaring it as public it can be shown by anyone and if you are declaring as private only you can see it on your WordPress account and know How To Develop the Website

Organize the Navigation Menu

When you had created the webpages then make the navigation bar of the website. It is located on the top of the website and you can include home, about us, and blog pages in it.

You can create the menu with any name after making the menus and then add pages to it and know How To Develop the Website

How To Develop the Website

Customizing the Website

Go to the dashboard and click on “Appearance” from the left side of the sidebar then you can select the theme, add and change the widgets, and customize the menu structure.

If you are using custom CSS so you can customize your web pages too.

How To Develop the Website

Addition of Blog post (it is important for how to create a website).

The question arises why should I add blogs to my website?

Because if you see the current scenario most websites include blogs as it gives freedom to add their views on the internet, to provide information on How To Develop the Website to the readers and many people also earn money through blogs. And it depends on whether you use this system or not. If you want to add the blog page then just, follow the below steps (remember one point by using blog content you can set the Home page of your site static).

So let’s see how to add blog content:-

To do that, Create an empty page- (Pages -> Add new) name it Blog (the most preferable word for blog pages as it makes sense) then publish it. Then take it as a Post page (howAppearance -> Customize -> Homepage Settings or  Settings -> Reading.).

How To Develop the Website

The page that you have selected then will display naturally shown as a blog post just save it. (Don’t forget to involve in a navigation menu) and you should always follow this article whenever you are stuck during making a website just read How To Develop the Website

If you want to create another post then- “Posts” -> “Add New”.

How To Develop the Website

After clicking the “Add New” button WordPress will redirect you editor page than from here you could edit your blog page (any image, heading & any other thing you want). After completing editing the post then simply Publish it.

Let’s move towards double check (as it is very important)————

  • Make sure that all your pages are correct as you want and links are working correctly.
  • Check your website responsiveness on mobile as well. If you want to check on your pc just press (ctrl+shift+i) and set it to mobile.
  • SSL certificate is very necessary.
  • Analyze your content.
  • Link to your Social media account.


Is it safe to create & host your own website?

A website can be launched with proper precautions like website building and hosting services. And you can create a website & host yourself then of course it is amazing.

Is it profitable to use the services of a third party?

The answer would be Yes because the website that provides services for your website from its creation to the end is more useful than not using it. The website will be Square Space & WordPress.

The problem with the server?

Website building has its server so that you will not face this type of difficulties as well. And you can make your own.

What about adding functionality to our site?

2 options-

  • Just try to add more functionality to it on its own.
  • Use the services of providers.

How much time is needed to create a website?

Depending on the situation that if you are indulging in coding or any website-related work and you have time to make it then it will be the better choice. But if you running a business then it’s totally up to you to either use website services or make and invest time in it. In our opinion choose the prior one.

What about Security?

Security of your site is very crucial and if you want to make your site on your own then keep in your mind that makes it heavily safer (if your future depends on it). And the website builder services are also there to help you and let your website safe.

Which is the right company to build your own site?

In one line, it just depends on you which type of website you want- complex or easy(simple). If you want any comparison between website builders then visit the site.


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