Development plans for 2023 in different Countries


~ Grow at more than 7%. ~ Telecom giant Jio has announced its new year offers for all users. Jio’s latest Happy New Year 2023 offer includes a Rs 2,023 plan that will offer users 2.5GB per day and will allow users to make unlimited calls for nine months. ~ Navi Mumbai International Airport ~ Chenab River Railway Bridge. ~Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor ~ Bharatmala Project. ~ Inland Waterways Development.

America (USA)

~ Concerns over mental health in the United States has- taking center stage. ~$120 billion in Federal Highway Apportionments for highways. ~ $3 billion for 3,075 airports. ~ 166 Projects for  Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and other ~ $3.9 billion to strengthen harbors and waterways


~ The Chinese Covid-19 outbreak again may slow down its growth.  ~  Forecast of about 4.5% growth in 2023. 


~ African government's progress has been too slow and inconsistent at regional and at certain industry levels towards achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ~