The Date of 26 Dec. 2004 remembers as one of the dark days that a country can face.

On 26 Dec. 2004 the Indian coastline gets hit by tsunami and 9.1 richter scale earthquake damages a lot. And not only in India but also to other parts of world.  This tsunami was not seen in the last 40 years

The tsunami collided with many countries



Due to that tsunami, India lost over 12,405 people, and  India also lost 12 thousand crore rupees in the property. In Indonesia 1.28 lakh people lose their lives (which is high on this day). In Sri Lanka, approximately 35 thousand people got killed or Missed. This incident becomes the 4th highly affected natural phenomenon  

The tsunami come before that disaster

In 1931, the Chinese coastline collided with a tsunami, and 10 lakh people lost their lives.   In 1970, Due to a cyclone in Bangladesh 3lakh people lost their lives.  In 1976, again in China 2.55 thousand people got killed.