Top 10 Best SEO Tools

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In this blog, we are talking about the Top 10 Best SEO Tools

If you want to rank your website on search engines like Google then you will use SEO(search engine optimization) and after using the SEO your website will not rank then you will have to work on the SEO strategy and also know about the Top 10 Best SEO Tools

What are the SEO Tools?

SEO tools help you to provide the website’s status and also tell about the website’s weaknesses and rank.

Every SEO tool has a different purpose to use:

Best SEO Tools

  • Keyword Research
  • Links
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Site Speed
  • Analytics
  • Research
  • Rank Checking
  • WordPress SEO

Why Use SEO tools

SEO tools are used for data analysis and keyword research. SEO tools provide you with the what are most significant opportunities and also show the analysis of the competitor’s website.

If you have more than one website then management will be very easy with the help of SEO tools and you will also save time with the help of SEO software.

The Top 10 best SEO Tools are:

  • Google Search Console
  • Moz Pro
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMRush
  • KWFinder
  • SpyFu
  • Ubersuggest
  • Answer The Public
  • Majestic
  • Google Trends

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google search console helps you to monitor and report on the Google SERP. Your basic work on the Google search console is that you have to put the URL on it and do the manual indexing.

Google search console helps you how Google and the users analyze your website and how they will engage in the website. It is useful for those who have a new website to submit their pages through indexing and also know about the Top 10 Best SEO Tools

Moz Pro

Moz Pro

Moz is the best SEO tool for any website. Its chat is too good when anybody asked a question the way of answering questions is good. Moz is the powerhouse of the keyword when you are crawling the site for finding the keywords then Moz is the best option.

It has also good page optimization features. We can compare the traffic of the competitor’s site with the help of Moz. It has the Mozbar tools through which you can check the DA(Domain Authority), PA(Page Authority), and the number of links on the website.



Ahrefs is the most crawled website after Google. This tool helps us to rank the website on the Google search engine. You can use it for the backlinks of your website.

This tool also has also shown the competitor’s website backlinks that are not on your website. It has a vast number of databases for backlinks.

It has to get 350,000 users per month and also know about the Top 10 Best SEO Tools

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SEMRush helps you access the ranking and identity and provide good ranking opportunities. The greatest feature of this tool is that it analyzes the Domain Vs Domain analysis that helps you compare the competitor’s website.

If you want to get the data and traffic of the website and compare the keyword and domains with this tool. This is the on-page checker tool that helps you monitor and ranking and gives some recommendations to improve the performance of the website also know about the Top 10 Best SEO Tools



KWFinder tool provides long tail keywords with a low level of competition. This tool gives the best keywords through which you can manage the backlinks and run reports on the analysis of the SERP(Search Engine Results Page). If you want to rank your website then this tool help to get the best keyword ideas for the website.

This tool shows the information about the keyword that I was searching about the topic and also compare the terms.



SpyFu helps how many times you have searched the keyword and what difficulties you are facing while ranking with the keywords you also search about the organic traffic and number of clicks on your website. It also provides about the competitor’s website and knows about the what are the SEO strategies that you will choose.

The main advantage of this is that I don’t put much effort into searching the ranking, keywords, etc.



Ubersuggest is developed by Neil Patel, this is a free keyword tool that helps us to find the long keywords for your blog. It also searches the content which is ranked on the Google SERP from long tail too short tail keywords.

It also includes reports related to the keyword volume, CPC, competition, and seasonal trends. It also helps that the keyword you are choosing is how much competition in the market that keyword.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public

Answer The Public tool helps you to rank the content with the best keyword research. You can easily find the topics related to your blog posts. This is the free SEO tool through which you will create the keywords according to your niche.

The best part of that is if you would visit it provides a list of keywords or content according to your topic.


Majestic helps you to rank your website. Majestic has the site explorer feature through which you will overview your site and the number of backlinks you have. It also helps you to find the best keywords through which you will rank your site.

It also helps you to give an estimation of the competitor’s domain count and backlinks count of the site.

Google Trends

Google Trends gives information about the keyword and it also gives insights about the topics which help you for the growth of the website. You can search your keyword and they will provide you the examples related to your topic.


What is the main reason to do SEO?

The main reason to do SEO is to rank the content in search engines like Google.

What is the golden rule about SEO?

The golden rule about SEO is that you have to understand the need of your customer and work according to them.

How the SEO improves the performance of the site?

Publish the relevant content, update the content regularly, use tags and make backlinks for the traffic of the site.

What are the factors that destroy your SEO?

Duplicate links, copyright violations, low-quality links, etc

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