How is a cloud different from hosted services

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Nowadays there are a lot of software providers who assert their solutions be grounded on cloud services. It becomes very crucial to understand which is more important as they have their own merits and demerits.

So let’s take a look at What are Cloud Services and how is a cloud different from hosted services?

Cloud service Image- How is a cloud different from hosted services

Cloud Services provides a host online & delivers to the customers on demand. They are further categorized into three categories:

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): The Cloud service providers gather many applications into one platform- Chat, Video Calls, the body of SMS, and other real-time applications.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Unique Or Isolated apps erect for a particular reason like- Accounting, File exchanging, and Customer Relationship Management.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Solution (Cloud Based) which provides buildout frameworks ( inclusive Hoisting, Storage & Virtualization ) which is used by companies to make & support custom made network & apps.

Multitenancy? 🤔 (How is a cloud different from hosted services)

The main Fundamentalistic difference between Cloud services & hosted. Companies using cloud solutions depend on Multitenancy (resources get participated & costs spread across multi-users). Approximately all addressees use the same services (either software, infrastructure, or platform). But it doesn’t mean that any other user can pierce your company’s data. Data get insulated and can’t be penetrated by outsiders.

Benefits of using Cloud Services:

Cloud service image- How is a cloud different from hosted services

The benefits of using that services will be more advantageous as compared to Hosted Solutions. That will be:

  • Cost Reduction: By using Cloud-Grounded services you don’t need to pay for what you never use- which means that copping hardware or software licenses your team members never use or does not have any implications for your business than with these services you will pay only for what you want so it automatically reduces overall cost.
  • Able to increase flexibility: For shifting workflows, adding on features, changing the users or some other functions can be held without any headache.
  • Merge system data: For boosting collaboration among teams you can also use third-party Cloud-Grounded solutions- for ease of work.
  • Future Insight for your business: The technologies like artificial intelligence, anticipating analytics & Internet of things can give you ideas about your business growth in the future.
  • Distant Workforces: Just with login & internet connection on their devices members of your team can access cloud services from a distant place as well.

Authenticity while using Cloud-Based Services?

For more reliability and trust most leading cloud-Grounded solutions providers grasp over more than one or two dispensable server sites.

Because of their upgradation on regular basis to get safe from local disasters (so that any manipulation & service availability can’t be a challenge anymore). Data get defended by a whole team of engineers- they are only for securing your data from any theft or viruses.

Whether peak traffic, disaster recovery or any opportunity in business Cloud-Grounded solutions always prefer using multiple sites for data security.

Let’s know about Hosted solutions:

Hosted solutions- How is a cloud different from hosted services

They also get managed by a third-party provider and are accessible via the internet. Instead of using the public cloud, they prefer to use physical servers. That owns by a private owner somewhere. These services are available online- without installing any hardware or software. And can easily be penetrated by a VPN or remote PC that condition makes how is a cloud different from hosted services.

The Hosted solutions also use SaaS, LaaS, and PaaS.

Single Tenancy 🤔? (How is a cloud different from hosted services)

It is used by a single customer, individual application with a single supporting infrastructure & database. Here resources don’t get participated so it leads to scope restriction. Expensive than real Cloud Services.

Benefits of using Hosted Solutions? Here users will get some benefits of Cloud solutions- integration with other cloud services. Customization gets increased (depending on service & setup agreement). The companies or industries who want some highly secured protocols then the Hosted solution is for you. The one main point we want you to know is- Major Cloud providers have their certain infrastructure for security followed by industry-specified privacy & security rules that make how is a cloud different from hosted services.

It is also advantageous for the IT industry as well because hardware & software are managed by the provider instead managed by the IT companies themselves.

Benefits of using Hosted Services:

Hosted solutions- How is a cloud different from hosted services

Depends on your preference and provider. Hosted in simple terms means you won’t partake in their security expertise or bandwidth with others. But you are not able to depend on multiple unnecessary sites that may give avail you to recover from disaster, update issues, and flow of business which makes how is a cloud different from hosted services.

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Which service should I choose either Hosted or Cloud? 🤨

While choosing Cloud-grounded services always have to see that multitenancy is available (benefits in cost reduction). On the other hand Hosted means more control- which means more work for IT. Cloud services are easier to set up & manage. For Hosted services prices are high- for reliability and flexibility.

Don’t get come into the trap of hosted service providers professing (claiming) to be Cloud services. Being virtualized does not indicate that they are cloud service providers. In simple terms without multitenant, it is not cloud service. For taking the benefits of cloud services multitenant will be the main pillar.

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